Product Description

Net10 is Tracfone branded prepaid service that is compatible with all unlocked phones. Net10, offers pay as you go plans, business plans, family plans and single line plans that include minutes, data and text.
Offering plans for both GSM and CDMA devices, Net10 has made switching to their service available to each user no matter who the current carrier is. All the user has to do is purchase a SIM and plan to activate their unlocked device. Any phone will work on Net10 as long as it is unlocked and has been paid in full. Net10 does not lock users into a contract so they can change phones or plans whenever they want with no penalties.

Net10 requires no activation fees, credit checks, monthly bills, contracts or even age limits when purchasing their service and phones. They also don’t charge overages when users exceed their monthly data limits. Once customers reach their allotted amount, the 4G LTE data speeds will be slowed to 2G speeds.

Net10 has a variety of cell phone plans. Some plans include international calling additional to the normal plan.



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